At EGSU Homes we have specialized in exceeding the expectations of our most demanding clients when it comes to contemporary homes. We translate your wishes, interests, and needs into a unique, exclusive, and sophisticated design.

To talk about the subject, we will start by explaining some characteristics of contemporary architecture that we are sure will win you over.

Characteristics of a contemporary home

  • It is not defined by a single style, it receives a wide range of influences from different countries, cultures, and sources of inspiration.
  • Relies heavily on technology.
  • Use modern, high-quality industrial materials to combine them in creative ways.
  • Great expressiveness in form and design, with asymmetric facades, high ceilings, and large windows.
  • Combine textures and coatings.
  • Includes a strong aesthetic sense in the design of structures.

These advantages allow a home to express the personality of its owner, becoming an extension of himself and a safe place to develop his life project: rest, work, and share with friends and family.

A house according to the “New Normality”

Contemporary architecture also makes it possible to offer practical spaces where the established distinction, basic a few years ago, between rest and workspaces, is broken, integrating, for example, study and work areas at home.

From the moment the plans are designed, the aim is to adapt the interior infrastructure of the home for a multidisciplinary use designed for clients who are corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, or independent consultants and usually work from home.

A sustainable and efficient architecture

Finally, more recently, contemporary architecture opts for construction styles aligned with sustainable development, which are healthier and more beneficial for the environment.

For this, those of us who are in charge of the construction project take action to promote greater energy efficiency, the use of recycled and natural materials, and even the incorporation of systems such as solar panels and LED lighting.

We also contemplate a good use of light and natural ventilation, improving air quality and linking the work with the environment.

This ecofriendly approach is essential in the tropics, so Costa Rica has all the conditions to develop it exponentially.

If you are thinking of building a new contemporary-style home, discover here some of our most famous projects and contact us if you require personalized and professional advice.