The greatest dream of many people is to move to a beautiful retreat house overlooking the sea. In fact, after the pandemic, with the rise of virtuality, digital nomads that hold corporate Jobs or run their own businesses have chosen to live a peaceful life near the beach.

These people understand that living near the beach provides some benefits.

Advantages of Living near the Sea:

  • It is ideal to slow down and opt for slow living.
  • It promotes mindfulness, keeping overthinking away.
  • Sea water has cleansing properties.
  • Connection with nature boosts both mental and physical health.
  • It guaranties higher levels of vitamin D.
  • It improves rest and deep sleep.
  • It helps the breathing system.
  • It provides quality of life with style.

Nonetheless, you must take account of these three important issues before starting the construction of your dream beach house:

1. Climate:

It is important to consider the beach climate, ventilation, lighting, indoor temperature, humidity and saline environment when designing the construction project and selecting the building materials.

The building materials must be resistant to climate conditions to prevent oxidation and maximise their lifespan, turning the construction work into a healthy and intelligent investment.

2. Logistics:

Before you start a building project, you must consider the accessibility of materials to the construction site since most of the roads in rural areas are only apt for 4WD load trucks.

Furthermore, it is important to include freight costs as well as the time that it will take to carry the materials to the exact location of the construction site.

It is not the same to develop real estate projects in the city near hardware stores and paved roads than do it in faraway places like the Southern Caribbean, Guanacaste or the Pacific Zone.

3. Topography:

Another consideration to keep in mind is that since most pieces of land are located in the mountains, the construction of some facilities is usually necessary; thus, leading to the undertaking of soil studies and, in some cases, more specific studies such as, slope stability.

The three considerations above must be added to these three basic principles:

  • Management of construction permits (at the Local Government, CFIA and other institutions).
  • The preparation of the total Budget of the project.
  • The hiring of the best group of engineers and architects who will provide you with the best consultancy on how to make your expectations come true.

Indeed, to meet the growing demand of people who prefer to live near the beach than in the big city, at EGSU Homes, we specialise in developing both residential and commercial construction projects, characterized by their comfort, sophistication and modernity.  Please contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you realise your dreams.