Minimalism began as an artistic trend that reduced its means of expression to a minimum, but it became a trend or a lifestyle where excessive consumption and possessions are renounced in favor of the essential, stripping spaces of excess elements.

Minimalism is somehow a protest the consumerist, polluting, and irresponsible system that makes disproportionate use of resources.

How to identify the contribution of minimalism to architecture and design?

This minimalist approach has nothing to do with lack but instead celebrates the natural abundance of life and success from basic elements that invite serenity, peace, and present moment awareness.

Additionally, minimalism is inherently elegant, removing excessive, tawdry, contradictory, or overlapping components that compete for people’s attention. Minimalism is, bordering almost on the poetic, an ode to purity.

This vision translated into architecture or home design offers many advantages.

For example, at EGSU Homes we have successfully incorporated minimalism into the construction of beach houses for clients with a preference for sophistication and exclusivity.

Characteristics of Minimalist Architecture

  • Seek harmony and respect for the natural environment.
  • Consider geometric volumes and contours of clean and simple lines.
  • Generally, includes large windows.
  • It raises respect for materials, especially those of natural origin.
  • Monochromatic and modern facades represent one of its key points.
  • Normally their decoration style is sober.
  • Takes advantage of natural light and ventilation.
  • Intelligent use is also made of artificial lighting as the protagonist in certain parts of the house.
  • Space is greatly rescued, as each room has a practical and useful meaning.
  • Regarding the paint used, soft tones are chosen to decorate walls, floors, and ceilings. White is used a lot.
  • Different textures are incorporated to alter the monotony and provide the touch of the architect, decorator, or owner of the house.
  • It is commonly decorated with little furniture.
  • It is complemented with simple gardens.

In addition to transmitting elegance, a primary purpose of this type of home is to become an orderly and clean space, which invites you to relax and forget about the stress and worries of everyday life.

This, added to the beach atmosphere, with the sea breeze, the warm climate, the interaction with trees and plants, its integration with the mountains, and the force of the ocean, becomes a powerful cocktail that national and foreign clients fall in love with.

Casa Perla in Ojochal de Osa

Minimalist house on the southern coast of Costa Rica

At EGSU Homes we had the privilege of designing and building Casa Perla in Ojochal de Osa. A 100% minimalist house with an interior social area that connects to the terrace and pool, with comfortable and simple rooms, elegant bathrooms, and a large terrace.

Casa Perla is a project that combines the best of modern minimalism and the beauty of life in the tropics. Contact us if you also dream of such an authentic and comfortable home on the beaches of Costa Rica.