Contemporary architectural style is a form of construction that combines different influences in practical, functional and aesthetical ways.

It particularly stands out for its technical creativity, the expression of its forms and design (asymmetrical facades and non-traditional materials), but also for the inclusion of ecological elements and proper use of natural resources, always conjoined with elements pertaining to the personality of its owner, including his/her preferences and interests.

It could be referred to as a holistic vision of how the most artistic and inspirational part of design, architecture and engineering mesh with the environment.

Luxury and Custom-made Houses

At EGSU Homes, we specialise in making our clients’ most exclusive dreams come true through the greatest personalisation of design and construction, including two-storey urban homes and modern beach homes.

We create eclectic and luxurious custom-made building projects, taking care of every detail to exceed the client’s expectations.

And, how do we achieve that?  By means of bioclimatic architecture.

What is Contemporary Bioclimatic Architecture?  

It is a set of practices seeking to reduce the environmental impact of architectural projects either during the construction (by using non-toxic materials that reduce the carbon footprint, and implementing responsible processes), or during its useful life, promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

This sort of architecture, in addition to considering the type of climate of the construction site, resorts to mechanisms that reduce energy consumption and systems that use ventilation more efficiently, due to the suitability of the design and its orientation, adapting to the topography, climate and vegetation.

It also incorporates environmentally-friendly alternatives that promote thermic insulation and the utilisation of natural light.

In addition, rainwater collection systems can be integrated, as well as solar panels and other cutting-edge technology.

In sum, we can state some of its principles as follows:

  • Ecological design
  • Utilisation of space
  • Orientation of windows
  • Solar protection
  • Utilisation of natural light
  • Thermic insulation
  • Efficient power and water systems
  • Crossed ventilation
  • Good-quality non-toxic materials
  • Potential for the integration of renewable energies

This type of architecture is not just comfortable, and profitable in the long term, but it is the sum of efficient and sustainable solutions—in which balance and harmony are a constant—that meets the needs of the modern citizen.

If you are planning to build the home of your dreams in a conscious, responsible and sustainable way, please contact us. We build sophisticated, modern, comfortable and practical projects, based on the best practices.