Intending to build your next house or building without the construction drawings is like getting a driver’s license without learning to drive, or like getting a Master’s degree without going to school, or like trying to fly abroad without an air ticket.   In short, in the order of things, the drawings come first.

What are the construction drawings?

Architectural drawings are physical or digital documents that establish the outreaches of the project that is expected to be carried out, in terms of dimensions, location, and space distribution. Such outreaches provide a clear vision of what the final work will look like.

The aim of those drawings is that future owners find solutions to potential problems dealing with distribution, lighting, arrangement of rooms and other spaces, long before the building project is completed.

In other words, they allow both the owners, and the building team in charge of the construction to visualise the whole project and have a clear mental picture of it before it is realised.

Who makes the construction drawings of a building project?

Besides the architect, other specialists such as electrical engineers, structural engineers, surveyors and environmental engineers, inter alia, may come into play.

In fact, at EGSU Homes we make different designs: structural, sanitary, mechanical, pluvial and electrical, taking into account the highest demands of our clients.

Four reasons for starting with the architectural drawings

  1. The graphic representation of the future work is one of the musts in the fulfilment of the highest technical standards since it allows for the routing sheet towards the realisation of the building process.
  2. They are necessary for getting permits.
  3. They are key input during the budget-making process.
  4. They accurately define the required materials, their costing and shipment from hardware stores and other establishments.

The drawings will enable us to design the work, so that the house meets the standards of quality, comfort and exclusiveness, taking into account even the luxury finishes.

Hence, our team always works professionally and fully devoted to each project, turning our client’s ideas into elegant houses of contemporary design and bioclimatic archetecture, implementing the best sustainable building practices.

From beautiful beach houses, luxurious chalets or incredible houses located in the big city, at EGSU Homes, we specialise in the design and construction of sophisticated projects, characterized by modernity, practicality and comfort for clients that demand the best from life.

Please contact us if you would like to start the construction drawings of your dream house.