Luxury houses in a tropical country must always have a practical, convenient and complementary element called, the swimming pool.

No matter what style the house is, whether fully contemporary, minimalistic or rustic, the pool can bring many advantages as follows:

A meeting place with family and friends,

An opportunity to rest or do exercise,

The ideal environment for an exclusive party with friends

At EGSU Homes, we have learnt over the years that the pool, in addition to being a distinctive personality feature of both the house and its owner, is sort of a statement of intent that tends to be less subtle than other places like the terrace or garden.

The pool is also an extension of our clients’ good taste; meanwhile, it serves a practical functionality that fits the design style, architecture and decoration of the rest of the house.

Before building a pool, you must consider these three variables at least:

Shape: It can be circular or square.  It can also be rectangular when used for swimming purposes. And over the last few years, the kidney-shaped pool has become popular.

Depth levels: It will depend on the purpose. If it is built for a family house, the depth levels will depend on the ages and heights of the residents.

Location: the choices depend on house grounds, (especially when attached to the facade or there are plenty of green areas) or on top (like the traditional pools on the Mediterranean islands).

Of course, many of our clients in coastal areas like Dominical, Uvita and Ojochal – depending on the topography and the view – opt for the famous infinity pool that seems to stretch out towards the horizon.

Finally, it is important to take account of the materials and their integration into the natural surroundings.

If you are planning to build a sophisticated, comfortable modern house with a swimming pool, please contact us. We specialize in providing our clients—who, to our knowledge, are accustomed to obtaining the best—with the most exclusive solutions.