The best-renown coaches and gurus worldwide agree that if a person feels good in the inside, it will reflect in the outside, including his/her environment.  In other words, if someone views himself/herself as really successful, his/her house, for example, will transmit that success and plenitude.

For this reason, at EGSU Homes, we are willing to please our clients and meet their highest standards and expectations by designing and building unique homes for successful people.

Our projects convey:

  • Excellence
  • Comfort
  • Elegance
  • Luxury
  • Modernity

Advantages of Contemporary-style Constructions

Certainly, in order to attain this objective, we specialise in one contemporary architectural style that offers a number of advantages as follows:

  • Comfortable luminous internal spaces,
  • Easily-customisable, eclectic spaces,
  • High-quality materials that allow for thermic and acoustic insulation,
  • Cutting-edge technology,
  • Optimal use of space,
  • Utilisation of natural light,
  • Efficiency solutions and sustainability,
  • Ideal spaces for both minimalistic interior design and modern with rustic touches,
  • Practicality, functionality and aesthetics

That is how we develop sophisticated works that make our clients’ most exclusive dreams come true.

Furthermore, due to our vast experience, we excel in designing and building two-storey houses in coastal areas like Dominical and Uvita.

This type of houses have some special features that entice our customers.

Some of those special features are:

  • Blend and interaction with the local biodiversity;
  • Their design includes elements that allow protection against accumulated heat;
  • They have anti-corrosive materials thought to minimise the effect of salty air;
  • The orientation of the house is ideal in the provision of a dreamy view;
  • They are spacious and well-distributed;
  • They have a more relaxed style, chic and Zen than a conventional urban house;

Just one example: Our Casa Kongo in Costa Verde: real luxury in harmony with nature.

In short, at EGSU Homes, we guarantee a construction in harmony with the lifestyle that you really deserve.  Please contact us, we are here to advise and help.