Let us start from the beginning. Let us define what a pre-project is.

The pre-project is the formulation or proposal of the building project of a house. In our case, we specialise in realising our clients’ most exclusive dreams of building a luxurious house at the beach or in the mountains.

In the pre-project the general characteristics of the work are defined from the functional or operational, regulatory, constructive (design, materials and other) and economic (budget) points of view.

Phases of a Building Pre-project

At EGSU Homes, we divide the pre-project into three pillars or phases:

Assessment of the Project’s Viability.

We undertake preliminary studies such as, land use; alignment with INVU if necessary; availability of public services, and other.  This information enables us to determine if the project to be done is feasible.

 Proposal of the Architectural Design

It involves visiting the land, analysing its surroundings, studying of the predominating wind direction, the sunlight, the scenery: in sum, anything that can help us determine the architectural design and ideal location of the house.

In the phase we also carry out the visualisation of the project in a tri-dimensional model, showing the floors and elevations; we run renderings of the project and in some cases we make scale models that allow the client to see what the project will look like.

This stage generates a great deal of enthusiasm on the part of the client because it sets the beginning of dream come true.

Cost Estimation

We basically define the rough cost of the project, based on the proposed architectural design, the suitable constructive system for the specific design and the finishes chosen by the client.

In this way, the pre-project generates all the information necessary to know if the project is feasible, what it would look like and how much it would cost.

If you are planning to develop a construction project, please contact us and let us start working on the pre-project.  We are a company that specialises in both housing and commercial projects with more than 16 years of experience on the luxury real estate market.

We have built beautiful houses with both contemporary and open-space designs that look more like works of art than commonplace buildings, in places like Perez Zeledon and Dominical.

We are looking forward to answering your call!